Plenary speakers

We are pleased to announce the following plenary speakers:

Prof. Peter Berglez works at Örebro University in Sweden. His research interests revolve around media and globalization, global journalism, climate change and media, international communication, and Critical Discourse Analysis. He is the coordinator of the international research programme Ideological Horizons among Mass Media and Citizens. He has published extensively in such renowned journals as Journalism Studies and Media, Culture & Society, edited several books and authored numerous book chapters. He is currently working on a book titled Global Journalism: Theory and Practice.

Dr. Christopher Hart is a Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Linguistics and Discourse at Lancaster University.  His research interests fall into two main camps: the connection between ideological structures in text and conceptualisation and the connection between argumentation and adapted cognition.  His most recent research concerns media representations of violence in political protests.  He is the author of Critical Discourse Analysis and Cognitive Science: New Perspectives on Immigration Discourse (Palgrave 2010) and Discourse, Grammar and Ideology: Functional and Cognitive Perspectives (Bloomsbury 2014, in press).  He is editor of the collections Cognitive Linguistics in Critical Discourse Analysis: Application and Theory (with Dominik Lukes, CSP 2007) and Critical Discourse Studies in Context and Cognition (John Benjamins 2011).  He is also a General Editor for the journal Language and Cognition and editor in chief of the CADAAD journal.  He has published papers in international peer-reviewed journals including Discourse & Society, Discourse Studies, Critical Discourse Studies, Journal of Pragmatics and Journal of Language and Politics.

Prof. Leszek J. Korporowicz works in the Institute of Middle and Far East Studies at Jagiellonian University in Poland. His research focuses on theory and sociology of culture, intercultural communication, identity in the media and information society, as well as intercultural management. He is the founder and first president of the Polish Evaluation Society, co-founder of the Ukrainian and Polish Centre for European Studies in Kiev, and coordinator of several international projects. His publication record includes, inter alia, such books as Creation of Meaning: Language, Culture, Communication, Intercultural Communication, Personality and Communication in Transformation Society, Evaluation and Society, Consumption of Experience in Transformation Societies, Individualism and Collectivism in Intercultural Relations, and Intercultural Management: from Adaptation to Development.

Prof. Michał Krzyżanowski is Full Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Örebro University, Sweden. He previously worked at the Universities of Aberdeen and Lancaster (UK), University of Vienna (Austria) and at Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznań (Poland). His research focuses on discourse and communication in the context of socio-political, organisational and institutional change in contemporary Europe. He focuses on media and the public sphere, communication in/of national and supranational politics and organisations, social and political identities, multilingualism, and discrimination and social exclusion. He is Executive Editor of the Journal of Language and Politics. He has published widely incl. in such journals as Discourse & SocietyJournalism Studies, Journalism Practice, Critical Discourse Studies or Journal of Language and Politics and is the author and editor of several major monographs and anthologies in critical discourse research on media, political and organisational communication. His recent book-length publications include: Multilingual Encounters in Europe’s Institutional Spaces (with J. Unger and R. Wodak, 2014), Advances in Critical Discourse Studies (with J.E. Richardson, D. Machin and R. Wodak, 2013), Ethnography and Critical Discourse Analysis (2011) or The Discursive Construction of European Identities (2010).

Prof. Carlo Ruzza works at the University of Trento in Italy and the University of Leicester in the UK. His research focuses on the interaction between civil society organizations, social movement organizations and decision-making, particularly at EU level, and on the related implications for democracy. He is also interested in ethno-nationalism and populism and their manifestations in such ‘uncivil society’ organizations as xenophobic groups and networks. He is the co-editor (with Hans-Joerg Trenz) of the book series Palgrave Studies in European Political Sociology and a member of several editorial boards. He has published more than a hundred articles and book chapters. The books he has most recently co-edited include: Anti-racist Movements in the European Union: between Europeanisation and National Trajectories, Conflict, Citizenship and Civil Society, Governance and Civil Society in the European Union: Volume 1, Normative Perspectives and Volume 2, Exploring Policy Issues.